This is an exciting opportunity. We have partnered with Sniffr and have worked on their re-branding and development. Sniffr is a great social networking app for dog owners, and a great place for great deals and discounts for all your dog needs!


Akasha is an evidence-based, whole-hearted living app. It offers a practical way of using positive
practices, mindfulness, and meditation to cultivate your inner strength and change your life. The,
founder of the app is a Psychiatrist with years of positive practices experience.


Oncoustics aims to enhance the efficacy of cancer research and treatment by bringing to market novel
ultrasound-based cancer treatment assessment technology. The product will enable researchers, and
eventually clinicians, to rapidly determine tumour response to therapy using standard ultrasound


A simple animation created for branding and marketing.
It explains the purpose of the app and how it helps its audience.